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Psycom, Dutch-based (Amstelveen) training and consultancy agency, was founded in 1985 and has had much publicity ever since, due to its effective way of handling career-topics through programs like Test-Training and Successful Salary Negotiations. Psycom was first to claim that test preparation is possible at all, and effective, thereby revealing the myth of the naive test-candidate.

Private individuals make use of our programs, just as organizations employ our services for  ('in house') seminars and individual training programs. Multinationals, midsize companies, universities and polytechs form our clientele.

Psycom’s director and founder is Dr. J.J.R. van Minden. He is the author of bestsellers like: "The Ultimate Guide to Psychological Tests", "The Ultimate Guide to Assessment Centers", "The Ultimate Guide to Management Tests", and "The Ultimate Guide to Selection Interviews". He has published many articles locally and internationally and is a frequent speaker at conferences and meetings in the Netherlands and in other countries.

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