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The IQ Trainer (Engelse vertaling van de IQ-Trainer 1 en 2)

Every day thousands of candidates around the world are required to toil their way through a range of pre-employment intelligence tests (also called cognitive tests). The pressure is high to achive the highest possible scores, for obvious reasons.

This best-selling guide to preparing, practising and training for IQ tests of all descriptions takes away unpleasant surprises, fear and insecurity, replacing them with confidence and familiarity.

The IQ Trainer is packed with handy to-the-point practical tips, but the mainstay is the numerous practise tests covering all the different types of IQ tests you are likely to encounter, from analogies and pattern recognition to verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests.

UK paperback price: BPS 16,99 This book will soon be available for Kindle devices.

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